The History of Digital Storage

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Mashable is one of my favorite sites on the Interwebs! And this time they totally nailed it with this super nostalgic history of digital storage infographic.

History of Digital Storage

Gangnam Style Infographic

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The world has gone Gangnam Style crazy! This infographic from Neo Mammalian Studios outlines just how crazy the madness is.

Incorrect use of words Infographic

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I’ll admit it, at times I have terrible grammar. However there are certain mistakes that drive even me bonkers, such as the incorrect use of your. Because of this I very much enjoyed this infographic by CopyBlogger:

CopyBlogger 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly Infographic

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I am sharing this infographic from Milo (which features highlights statistics on delivery and shipping charges from the comScore survey) because it suggests people are ditching online shopping because of shipping costs, which totally shocked me! I get “free” shipping because I have an Amazon Prime membership (which by the way totally recommends Amazon Prime)

Why Shoppers Aren’t Following Through on Online Purchases

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Apples to Apple infograph

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MBAonline is back with a super cool infographic comparing Apples to Apple.

Apple to Apples
Created by: MBA Online

Twitter Trends of 2011 infograph

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Nothing quite shows how massive something is than well presented data. HootSuite nailed it with their infographic on 2011 Twitter trends.

Twitter Trends of 2011 infographic

As a frequent business traveler I couldn’t agree more with most of these selections. Great job OnlineMBA!

Best Airports for Business Travelers infographic
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Parental Monitoring on Facebook infograph

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As a parent who believes in free range parenting I found this infographic by Lab42 about parenting on Facebook very interesting. Facebook Parental Discretion Advised Infographic

Protecting your online reputation infograph

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One of the most critically under-rated aspects of using social networks is online brand management. It is amazing how many people don’t realize what their social network reputation is telling others. This infographic from KBSD shows 4 key things a person can do to protect their online reputation.

Protecting your online reputation infographic