Small Business Jobs infograph

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Small businesses are such an important part of our economy. This LinkedIn infographic shows just how important the small business job market is.

Small Business Jobs infographic

Video Sharing in the US Infograph

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I got to admit, I watch a ton of online video. Maybe that is why I enjoyed this video sharing infographic by WISTIA so much!

Video Sharing in the US Infographic

I am a big fan of digital health online. I even blogged about digital health on my personal blog not long ago. So I was excited to see the following infographic on digital health from

Guide to online health and fitness infographic

Comic Book Colors Infograph

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Colors impact our emotions and I feel as if no one understands that quite as well as artists. One genre of artists that has mastered the use of an effective color pallet is comic book artists. This beautiful infograph by Colour Lovers highlights the use of comic book color pallets based on the comic book publisher. In my opinion they got everything right here; an infographic with an amazing theme, great data points, and fitting typography. Enjoy!

Comic Book Colors Infographic
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Big Bang Infograph

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While the focus on this site is mainly to highlight the awesomeness of infographics, there are times were I will focus on infographics that are less than perfect. The following infographic from Okul8 is a prime example. This infographic is massive, with tons of really fantastic data, however there is so much that it easily overwhelms. Another flaw in this infographic is that when scaled (as you can see here) it really becomes unusable. This would be something that would be amazing as a 6 foot poster, but is hard to fully appreciate as a web image.

Big Bang Infographic
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Work From Home Infograph

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Do you work from home? If not, chances are you might some day. Many companies are now realizing the benefits associated with telecommuting. This infographic from WorkSimple highlights the every growing trend of working from home.

Working from home infographic

Technology and change infograph

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Lets admit it the world is changing around us on an almost daily basis. Much of this is due to technology. Progressive Software has captured this change related to technology perfectly (and thoroughly) in this infographic.

Technology and change infographic

Happiness and Salary Infograph

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Are you happy in your job? Is your satisfaction related to how much you make? Salary Tutor‘s recent infographic suggests it is. This is really one that needs to be seen full size to fully appreciate.

Salary and Happiness Infographic
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I am not a graphic designer, nor would I ever pretend to be one. I so admire and appreciate the talents of a great graphic designer. Still I laughed when I saw this quirky and fun infographic by the Design Bureau of America.

A day in the life of a graphic designer infographic

Country of Gamers Infograph

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Admit it you play games online. Well, if you answered no you are in the mega-small minority. This Gaming Infographic from One More Level shows just how prevalent gaming is today.

Country of gamers infographic
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