One of the things I never saw “predicted” in any of those futuristic movies was every ones head pointed down staring at a phone. I am totally guilty and I am guessing you are too. Sometimes I like people watching as most people are so disconnected from reality when staring at their phones. It is people watching at its finest. Well this kick ass infographic from Mobclix highlights just what they are staring at

What people are doing on their smart phone infographic

How Important is Klout Infographic

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I think Klout is an interesting service. As a service it tries to give a rating or ranking to show the influence of a person online, based on their social networking interaction. My Klout score can be found at Well Klout put together a neat little infographic that shows that people do in fact listen longer to those with higher klout, go figure.

High Klout means more people are listening to you infographic

Dissecting Justin Bieber Infograph

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I an not a “Belieber”, but I am not a hater either. Little dude has talent. Every ten to twenty years a young and talented artist comes along and captures the interest of the world. Like Michael Jackson before him, Justin Bieber has got it all. Crisp Social put together this Justin Bieber infographic that shows the impact he has had in the social networking dominated world.

Dissecting Justin Bieber Infographic

Part of me wishes that there were online social networks available when I was dating. The amount of information and insight you can get on dating partners is so vast and impressive. Based on this infographic from Lab42 if you are dating and social networks are not a part of the relationship, you’re in the minority.

Social Networking impact on relationships infographic

Michael Bay Infographs

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If you like action movies like I do, I am certain you have seen many of these Michael Bay movies. You’ll also likely know that Michael Bay likes explosions and many other things. Just how much he likes explosions is one part of this awesome Michael Bay infographic by FrankenSpace

Michael Bay Explosions Infographic

Daily Deals are Bad infograph

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I am a daily deals guy. I have purchased dozens in the past. I have used almost everyone I have bought so I am not really the perfect consumer for such deals. I have however been introduced to new events and places because of the deals so it works well in the end. The folks at BuySellAds made this infographic about daily deals.

Daily Deals are Bad infographic

Social Network Thieves Infograph

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I used to always laugh at the idea that thieves would use social networks to plan and target their victims. I guess the thieves are the the ones who should be laughing based on this infographic from Credit Sesame.

Social Network Thieves Infographic

Android Fragmentation infograph

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I am a big time fan of the Android OS. I have used it as an exclusive mobile OS for almost 3 years now and have it on several tablets as well. One of the issues with a rapidly evolving OS though is extreme fragmentation, which is what happens when different versions of the OS are used throughout many different phones. Michael Degusta of put together this great Infographic on the current state of Android Fragmentation.

Android Fragmentation Infographic

Pumpkin Fun Facts Infograph

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While I usually prefer highlighting the best infographics out there, sometimes I lack that rule to focus on the fun of an infographic. .

Pumpkin Fun Facts Infographic

Halloween’s Dark Side Infograph

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I love Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (Thanksgiving is my other favorite)! I get to dress up, act a fool, and it costs next to nothing (outside of candy and costumes). But Halloween Express points out in this infographic that there is a dark side to Halloween.

Halloween's Dark Side Infographic