Apples to Apple infograph

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MBAonline is back with a super cool infographic comparing Apples to Apple.

Apple to Apples
Created by: MBA Online

Steve Jobs infograph

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Steve Jobs will likely go down as one of the most innovative people of his time. It is really too bad the man died when he did. To fully understand everything he has done check out this infographic outlining the life and times of Steve Jobs from Infographic World.

Life and Times of Steve Jobs infographic

iPhone History Infograph

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I must admit, I am not really the biggest Apple fan boy out there. I have come around in recent years to become much more forgiving of their ways though and even bought a Mac Book Pro for my wife. I have honestly never had any desire to own an iPhone. I think they are kinda neat, but not hacker enough for me. To celebrate the release of something new with the iPhone today ThinkLinkBlog made this pretty awesome iPhone timeline inspired infographic.

iPhone History Infographic

Org Chart Infograph

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Can a comic strip be an infographic? I believe it can. Really an Infographic is just a visual representation of data, information, and concepts. There is no set rule how much data needs to be a part of the infographic and there is no rule that states the information presented needs to be 100% accurate. Such is the case with this comical and stereotypical infographic about Organizational Charts by Manu.

Org Chart Infographic

This beautiful infographic by Mike Vasilev made the rounds earlier this week. I love how it shows the successes and the oft forgotten failures of Apple product design.

The Apple Tree Infograph

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