Twitter Trends of 2011 infograph

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Nothing quite shows how massive something is than well presented data. HootSuite nailed it with their infographic on 2011 Twitter trends.

Twitter Trends of 2011 infographic

How Important is Klout Infographic

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I think Klout is an interesting service. As a service it tries to give a rating or ranking to show the influence of a person online, based on their social networking interaction. My Klout score can be found at Well Klout put together a neat little infographic that shows that people do in fact listen longer to those with higher klout, go figure.

High Klout means more people are listening to you infographic

Social Network Thieves Infograph

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I used to always laugh at the idea that thieves would use social networks to plan and target their victims. I guess the thieves are the the ones who should be laughing based on this infographic from Credit Sesame.

Social Network Thieves Infographic

Awesome workplaces infogaph

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It has always been a dream of mine to work at a major technology company. That dream has always been around the idea of wanting to be a difference maker in the technology world. Working for a big tech company has many benefits and this infographic from ResumeBear highlights many of them:

technology employment Perks infographic

Twitter gone wild infographic

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I love Twitter (by the way Follow on Twitter here!). But not everything in Twitter is roses and sunshine. Veracode put out this clever infographic that shows the dark side of twitter account.

Twitter gone wild infographic

Why people follow brands infograph

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I am a little behind on getting this infographic up, but couldn’t miss the opportunity. Get Satisfaction made this great infographic about makes people follow brands on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. As a marketing and product guy this information greatly interests me, but I do question how universal these responses are. For example do the follow reasons differ by companies that offer a product versus offer a subscription service? Either way check out this stunning infographic!

Why people follow brands online infographic

Infograph on How People Use Twitter

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If you are a regular follower here you’ll likely know how much I love Twitter. You can follow on Twitter or if interested follow me personally on Twitter. Anyways so as I was saying I love Twitter and love a good Infographic about Twitter use just as much. This kick ass infographic on How People Use Twitter from Lab42 is just the ticket!

How People Use Twitter Infographic

You are what you tweet Infograph

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So there is this certain theory that relates to twitter users. There are a number of crazy rules that seem to universally apply the most heavy users. This infographic touches on many of the twitter rules that make you who you are when you tweet.

You are what you Tweet